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We’re a couple of hours into what could well be the Great Snowstorm of 2016 and the powder is already starting to pile up. A brief note to our readers: If you haven’t made it home yet, travel safely! (Remember also that Metrobus and Metrorail will cease operating today at 5 p.m. and 11 p.m., respectively. They won’t run this weekend either.) To those of you who telecommuted this morning, keep us posted on your wintry travails, whether they’re externally- or self-imposed. Wherever you find yourself, keep the emergency numbers towards the bottom of our live blog handy. But most important, as they say, keep calm and blizzard on.

What Does the Forecast Say?

If looking outside the nearest window weren’t sufficient, Capital Weather Gang reports that D.C. could get more than one inch of snow per hour during certain periods. The system is supposed to last for about 36 hours. “Conditions are the worst starting late this afternoon, continuing into Saturday,” the gang explains. “Thunder snow is possible Saturday. Extreme snowfall rates of two to three inches per hour are possible at the storm’s peak late Friday night and into Saturday.” THUNDER SNOW? It’s almost like Thor is coming through. Watch out for his hammer—it’d likely do some damage.

At a press conference this morning—after she’d been briefed by the National Weather Service—Mayor Muriel Bowser advised residents that D.C. would see “sustained winds of 30 mph and more” Friday evening through Saturday evening. “Peak winds will be around 50 mph,” she said. Combined with heavy, wet snow, this means that trees and wires are almost certain to come down.

AccuWeather predicts that areas due west of D.C. could see up to three feet of snow. Oh, and you pretty much can’t go anywhere.

What Is Twitter Saying?

Blizzard Twitter is Very Active Twitter, so there’s a lot to work with here—from excitement, to apathy, to full on pandemonium.

What Should I Do?

Don’t go outside if you can avoid it, and for your own sake, please don’t dress lightly if you have to. (Today is NOT the day for an outdoor streaking run.) Otherwise, sit tight, put on some music, and perhaps pour a glass of wine, or something a little stronger.

This is gonna be a long haul.

Today’s Snow Panic Index: 6/5

Illustration by Lauren Heneghan