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A police sting hasn’t stopped the District’s “Kush Gods” from distributing their marijuana edibles for “donations,” but now a judge and an out-of-state warrant might.

Despite their December arrest, the “Kush Gods”—30-year-old Nicholas Cunningham and 18-year-old Evonne Lidoff—were purportedly still dealing edibles, even launching an app to help fulfill orders. But at a D.C. Superior Court hearing today, Judge Rhonda Reid Winston imposed a cease-and-desist on the pair, ordering them to stop distributing marijuana and operating their app.

It’s not clear whether the Kush Gods, who haven’t shown a lot of respect for drug laws in the past, will abide by Winston’s order. Asked whether she would still push the edibles—which, according to police documents, don’t even always have marijuana in them—Lidoff only said she’s not planning on going to jail.

If Lidoff respects the cease-and-desist order, she might avoid jail entirely, according to plea deals offered to them by prosecutors. Under deals offered to both Cunningham and Lidoff, they would plead guilty to some distribution charges in exchange for prosecutors not opposing sentences of probation. Unluckily for Cunningham, he has other legal issues to deal with. As the hearing came to an end, Winston ordered Cunningham detained on a warrant from California.

The details of his alleged legal problem were vague, but Winston says it includes a provision requiring him to “[turn] over to the state of California certain children alleged to be in his custody without the permission of the state.”

Cunningham’s lawyer declined to comment.

Photo courtesy MPD