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What you said about what we said last week

Reader response to our annual Answers Issue brought out the tattletale in some readers: Va resident wanted to know “RE taxis w two plates, if I see DC taxis w only DC plates parked in VA who should I report them to to make sure they are paying the correct fees?” But Mari was having none of that shit: “VA resident, get over yourself. Maybe they are a district resident that comes to sleep with their girlfriend at night. Go find a hobby.” What if this is a hobby, like trainspotting? Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Just kidding! This is nonsense, don’t go around checking up who’s paying their fees.

Finally, reader Rich, who sounds like a profoundly unpleasant person but he reads our paper so I guess we like him well enough, wrote: “The inferiority complex: There’s an aspect of DC that makes it easy to dismiss it as Columbus Ohio (or worse, Indianapolis) with better monuments. The city and its folks gets boosterish about ridiculous things. People try to connect Langston Hughes to DC because he lived here briefly—his work is connected to Harlem and, to a lesser extent, Cleveland and he was born somewhere further West. DC also is basically a musical footnote, but we’ll never hear the end of its brief contribution to Punk and it’s small part in Funk. DC is more of a real city than it was 20 years ago, when the second string border town was more obvious. But DC and DCers have such inflated ideas about themselves that they have to transfer it to the place, and do it w/o a sense of humor. I knew a lot of DCers before I came here and I always found them to be pretty annoying. I got on well with NYers, Bostonians, but DCers were just so smug an d humorless and usually less knowledgable than they thought about the world.” Rich, if the only difference you can genuinely perceive between D.C. and Columbus is some monuments, you truly don’t get this city at all. Move to Ohio, you’ll save a bunch of money.

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