D.C. United's new logo
D.C. United's new logo

It’s only three words: “Taxation Without Representation.” But the new D.C. United jerseys, which will be unveiled this weekend, might have the city’s license-plate rallying cry out of order.

Brian Straus has the scoop and pictures at Sports Illustrated:

Sure enough, on the tape running along the inside of the collar, you can see D.C.’s de facto city motto: “Taxation Without Representation”—or at least something approximating that. In photos provided by a retailer to SI.com, it looks like Adidas, the manufacturer, didn’t cut the tape exactly right, erring on the order of the words, which reads “Without Representation Taxation.”

Those tapes usually go around the inside, top half of collars, so the full motto may be out of view. Let’s hope so.

Meanwhile, the folks over at DCist think that the logo on the back looks awfully familiar:

Of course, those are four of the most recognizable buildings in the world, so maybe there’s no conspiracy here.