What you said about what we said last week

Washington City Paper and D.C. Vote last week published the D.C. Poll, a survey of almost a thousand voters on an array of issues. Things you definitely want? Pot clubs, campaign finance reform, a $15-an-hour minimum wage, and the city’s leaders to tell Congress to get bent when they interfere in District matters. “And DC wonders why they get laughed at when they insist on being recognized as a state. Take a look at the answers here and you’ll figure out why,” wrote Typical DC BS, proving that yes, the Internet is available in Virginia. While a slim majority of voters want to see an NFL stadium on East Capitol, amazingly, many readers—who apparently haven’t been inside RFK in a while—don’t even see the need to tear the current place down. “DC can rent it for incidental events, such as a concerts and rallies. Probably make enough to pay for what little upkeep it needs,” commented Jetsam. We’ll let you dodge the falling concrete in the upper deck. “Only SJW’s read that shitty rag now,” tweeted @CapsExaminer at the news that 58 percent find the NFL club’s nickname offensive. He’d rather shoot the messenger. “Very few people read that paper.” So does anybody read the City Paper? Apparently the D.C. Council does. Less than a week after we showed that 61 percent of voters favor cannabis clubs, the Council unexpectedly tabled a permanent ban and formed a study committee instead. “I TRULY DONT SEE WHERE THIS WOULD AN ISSUE IN A PRIVATE CLUB” intoned our favorite all-caps commenter Noodlez about pot clubs. And after the poll, neither do the city’s leaders.

Editor’s Note

We’re excited to announce that Will Sommer has been named politics editor. A 2010 graduate of Georgetown, Sommer joined the paper on the City Desk beat in 2012 before being named Loose Lips columnist. His wry take on the District’s politics has since delighted readers and annoyed the city’s establishment. Deep dives into corrupt lawyers and failed nightclubs have demonstrated that he’s an excellent writer with a gift for finding a good story. He’ll maintain his Loose Lips perch while helping our editing staff plan and execute the paper’s coverage in print and online in what we expect to be a busy election year. Congratulations, Will.

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