What you said about what we said last week

Reader lol can’t wait to kick Yvette Alexander off the D.C. Council, not for the councilmember’s policy stances but for her alleged dietary choices: “Bye Yvette….and take your potato chip eating self off the dias. LaRuby make way for a real man because Trayon is coming” Chips, away! But what about Brandon Todd, whom LL predicted in his story “Ward War III” will “cruise to reelection in the mayor’s old seat”? Readers weren’t having it. Marvin E. Adams wrote, “I find it incredulous beyond comprehension one would conclude Council member Todd’s campaign for reelection will be a cake walk. Let me state, with emphasis, there is only one way Todd get’s reelected: There is a replay of last year’s special election, with respect to the number of candidates… I’m hoping Ward 4 will not be hoodwinked and bamboozled this time around.” sick-of-green-in-W4 griped in reply, “I certainly hope you are correct. I have never voted for Bowser, did not vote for Todd and will not vote for either of them in the future.” And Green Team exhaustion has officially set in. But Arf pointed out it’s probably an inevitable win. “Why do you believe someone better than Todd is going to come out of the woodwork? … I haven’t seen anybody better materialize, despite all the degrees and political experience we know live in Ward 4. He’s willing to work hard for it, so let the kid try.” None other than Will Sommer, LL himself, waded in, backing up Arf: “Everyone doubting that Todd is cruising to re-election: show me the candidates who can beat him. Right now, they aren’t there, and petitions are due next month.” The good news is we’ll all have something to quarrel over for some time if (when?) he wins reelection.

Department of Corrections

Due to a reporting error, last week’s theater feature, “The Next Stage,” originally stated that Flying V partnered with the Hillyer Museum and Theater J. The company, in fact, partnered with the Hillwood Museum and The Rockville JCC.

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