Dan Silverman, aka the Prince of Petworth
Dan Silverman, aka the Prince of Petworth

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Combing through thousands of PoPville posts (while researching this week’s cover story), one thing is clear—one of the reasons we can’t stop reading is because Dan Silverman will frequently post something provocative. Or ridiculous. Or outrageous. Here are 20 of our favorite lines from the Prince (sans context).

“Holy cow, you could eat off of this alley.”

“Petworth may be ‘raggedy’ but it is real.”

“A hawk. Insane.”

“Do bourgeois hipsters love Petworth?”

“Do people stare at you and smell badly?”

“Some people like to bust my chops, and often I need my chops busted.”

“I am worried about the proliferation of man breasts in professional sports.”

“I couldn’t believe it but I found someone who is as passionate about doors as I am”

“I promise my sources are not figments of my imagination.”

“This blog is not meant to be comedy. It is meant to be a window upon my soul. Thus the doors.”

“If Petworth is the love of my life, Columbia Heights is my mistress.”

“It is a very sad situation for which I blame Ronald Reagan.”

“I would way rather have a nice independent book store in Columbia Heights/Petworth than have one voting Congressional Representative.”

“My legs are not very flattering in shorts.”

“No one ever breaks out in applause when planes land anymore. Remember? Right?”

“On a scale of 1-10 how passive aggressive is this post?” 

“Sometimes when you type things you realize that they are not actually all that interesting.”

“I am one alert mother fucking panther when I walk home now.”

“I’m not a super tough guy I’m pretty sure I can beat the shit out of a 12 year old kid”

“Anyone else noticing an uptick in Outdoor Sexual Escapades?”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery