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The Pigskins Shame Spiral is an occasional feature tracking developments related to the name of D.C.’s beloved football team.

Who: Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

Change the name? Yes, so pay attention, Bernie bros. At a rally held at a Navajo casino in Arizona on Thursday, the senator from Vermont told a crowd of supporters that Native Americans face “appalling levels of inequality and systematic injustice,” adding that “Washington has a very good football team but it doesn’t have to be called” what it’s called, the Washington Post reports.

Why? Because the team’s name is so obviously a racial slur that evokes a history of violence and oppression against fellow citizens. It’s little surprise that Sanders would come out against it: Many of his proponents are millennials, a significant share of whom, a recent poll found, say the Washington NFL team should change its name.

Shame Spiral rating: Finger wag. Can you feel the Bern? Sanders may not be our next POTUS, but he’s still got plenty of spark.

Illustration by Jandos Rothstein