One of the riders identified by police
One of the riders identified by police

To hear Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier tell it, illegal dirt bike and ATV riders in the D.C. area have one thing in common: They love to video themselves. Now Lanier is giving them more of the exposure they crave—-albeit probably not in the way they’d like.

After a string of dangerous incidents involving the roaming stunt crews, Lanier and nearly a dozen other heads of area law enforcement agencies met today to release pictures of a whopping 245 riders that police want to identify.

“Enough is enough,” Lanier said.

Lanier touted police seizures of some 400 bikes and ATVs, which are illegal to ride on the street in the District. District Attorney General Karl Racine complained that the riders are typically charged with a misdemeanor, meaning that many of them avoid jail time.

“They may think that they’re just going out for a joy ride, but they’re causing a menacing and dangerous atmosphere,” Racine said.

Police efforts to fight the groups are hampered by a no-chase policy, which rules that a chase would be more dangerous than allowing the illegal riders to escape. Lanier has no plans to change the policy to allow officers to chase crews.

Photo courtesy MPD