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Did you know the “smallest fox in the world” is on display at the National Zoo?

On Thursday afternoon, the Smithsonian’s furriest branch shared a clip of fennec fox kits Teddy and Hokees, who live at the zoo’s Small Mammal House. Careful: They jump!

What’s a fennec fox, you ask? Typically weighing two to three pounds, according to the Smithsonian, they inhabit the Sahara and other deserts in Northern Africa and Northern Sinai. “One noticeable characteristic of the fennec fox is its oversized ears, which are around six inches long,” the zoo notes. “Their ears help to regulate their body temperature and keep them cool. They are nocturnal, spending daylight within their dens and becoming more active at night when temperatures are cooler.” They burrow in sand and “can live for an indefinite amount of time without drinking water.”

Also on display at the Small Mammal House: Naked mole-rats and prehensile-tailed porcupines.

photo via National Zoo