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The Beastie Boys are back with background music, but the new all-instrumental The Mix-Up is funky, smooth-jazzy, Brooklyn white-boy background music. I’m uncool and even I like it, although this morning I cued up “She’s Crafty” just to be sure.

I think I especially liked what Ad Rock (Adam Horovitz) had to say about it to the Post-Intelligencer: “It’s an interesting time to not say something.” This from a guy who went to the edge of Springsteen with literal post-9/11 lyrics (“Dear New York I know a lot has changed/2 towers down but you’re still in the game…”) in “An Open Letter to NYC.”

Tough luck, though, if you want to stick near D.C. to take advantage of the iTunes/Ticketmaster exclusive on preferred seating for the “soon-to-be-soldout” tour. The closest show is Philly…