Quick Announcement: Mini-Festival, July 1

A huge coalition of Mount Pleasant-based community groups are putting on a show at Lamont Park to raise awareness about the campaign to end the live music ban in MP’s restaurants. It’s a more than worthy cause. And the lineup is pretty darn great. But please, since this is a neighborhood event, take Metro, and chill out once you there.

Show date: July 1

The fest begins at 3:30 p.m.

The lineup includes Head-Roc, DJ Eurok, and Mariachi Profesional de Guerrero. Expect some cool street theater from Sol & Soul as well as special guests.

The sponsors: Hear Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant Main Street, All-Ways Mount Pleasant, Sol & Soul and the Community of Christ.

Again, this couldn’t be a more worthy cause. The ban on live music in Mount Pleasant is ridiculous especially when you consider all the great sounds and shows that have come from that neighborhood. Why should neighborhood NIMBYs shun its own community’s legacy and history. Show up and stand up.