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Surely you got a better picture of The Evens last night while they performed at Fort Reno. (This is the best I could do with my trusty Canon PowerShot S50. There were a lot of other dudes with much better gear around the stage, so I just stuck my lens over the speaker at stage right, instead of jockeying for a prime angle.) If you have some stuff from the show on Flickr, YouTube, your blog or whatever, let us know below. (Rollins was there, I hear.)

Beyond the photogs, there was another constituency in full effect: Kids. Ian himself commented on it as the show got rolling, saying that it would be great if the Fort Reno series lasted another 40 years, and the young’ins were able to say they’ve been coming to the shows since way-back-when.

There were two reasons why the place was crawling with families on Monday night: First off, it was a perfect night for baseball, which means it was also a perfect night for unconfrontational postpunk. No bugs and no humidity to get in the way. Secondly, the evening’s lineup — Joe Lally doing his mellow-vox/dub-grooves/free-jazz solo material, followed by The Evens and their warm strummies — was about as tot-friendly as your harDCore heroes will ever get.

Well, maybe not: There’s always that “Vowel Movement” video from Pancake Mountain. Did Amy and Ian play that tune last night? I dunno — my toddler son was all tuckered out from dancing, running around aimlessly and hugging dogs. We had to duck out early.