Record number six on my 2006 Top Ten list is Hidden World by Toronto’s Fucked Up, a punk band that plays Clash- and Dictators-influenced hardcore. The record is a double album with some kind of grand concept that I have yet to figure out.

Here’s a taste (from “Invisible Leader”): “From the Book of Enoch/To the Bible codes/We spend the final days/Looking for that gold/And when we find it/How will we know?/Will it cleanse the rot from our souls?/Will it help to save us from the fires below?”

Hidden world, indeed.

Fucked Up plays the parking lot (!) at Warehouse Next Door on July 18, one of the last shows before the club goes into hibernation on July 30 (that is, according to “Bringing Down the Warehouse” in the June 29th issue of the CP).