This summer seems to belong to Dan Deacon. First, bloggers jumped all over Deacon’s awesome jam of an album and this video. Then there was Baltimore City Paper‘s fascinating cover story chronicling Deacon and the Wham City collective.

All of this makes me nostalgic for the days when D.C. musicians had such ambition. Maybe they still do? But shit, Baltimore’s music scene is pretty damn stacked. At least D.C.’s Carpark label is helping to lead the charge, releasing Deacon’s zany dance tunes at a steady clip. The label just announced that it will be releasing a “limited edition” seven inch of Deacon’s “The Crystal Cat” on August 14 to mark the mad scientist’s European tour. The b-side will be a song called “Totally Boner Eat Shit.”

Can you think of a better song title—real or imagined? Warminsky—I dare you to come up with something better.