This week in Ask Bob: Bob Mould on the SST years, whether there’s a book in his future, and what DIY means now that it didn’t back the mid-’80s.

In reviews, Aaron Leitko discusses Magnolia Electric Co.‘s sprawling four-CD box set, Sojourner, which can be relentlessly bleak but strangely compelling. “[Frontman Jason] Molina has never been shy about saying exactly how he feels,” Leitko writes. Even if how he feels is often bombed-out and shitty.” (You can hear excerpts from the album here.)

In One Track Mind, Joe Warminsky talks with producer Shaun Sharkey about his collaboration with MC C-Rayz Walz, their new album, Monster Maker, and the kid he “wanted to smack the shit out of.”

This week’s picks: Maggie Serota on Scottish party-pop trio the 1900s, who play at the Rock and Roll Hotel on Friday; Jeffry Cudlin on longtime Bay Area sound collagists Negativland, who address monotheism Sunday at the Warehouse; Justin Moyer on Tokyo Police Club, playing “sugary-sweet pop” Tuesday at the Rock and Roll Hotel; and Amanda Hess on Rupert “The Pina Colada Song” Holmes‘ comedy series Remember WENN, screening Wednesday at the Pickford Theater.