One of the bands appearing at the John Stabb benefit tomorrow night is Lorelei, a D.C. shoegazer/pre-post-rock act that formed in 1990, put out several records on the excellent Slumberland label, and was the subject of a tour doc, If You Don’t Try, Nothing Ever Happens.

The trio disbanded in 1996, shortly after I saw them at the old Indie Rock Flea market in Arlington, and has only played a few shows since. I can’t say that I remember much about that set, except that Stephen Gardner is really tall, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the old Slumberland scene lately—especially its connections to metal. A lot of those bands were down with near-metallic acts, such as Loop, Swans, and Head of David, and a lot of full-on metal acts are now revisisting Slumberland-type music without trepidation.

Seems like the time is right for a reunion.

Also, from the Dischord site, two new reissues from Guy Picciotto‘s Peterbilt catalog, Rain and Deadline, are coming out in September. I’ve only seen the former on the wall at Vinyl Ink, but a fellow music critic and harDCore afficianado assures me that the Deadline, in particular, is an essential listen.