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Remember Frodus? We sure do. If you weren’t around for that band’s mid-to-late ’90s heyday, you can check them out here. That band’s singer, Shelby Cinca, has since moved on to more experimental turf. Here he kicks off a new semi-recurring feature where we ask musicians, label honchos, club owners, etc, what piece of music they are currently obsessed with…

Cinca responded in an e-mail to Black Plastic Bag:

“I am currently working on a remix for a Grand National song for an open-call remix and slowly putting together the next The Cassettes album with my bandmates.

The current song I am obsessed with is “Walkman (Re-Edit)” by SebastiAn. SebastiAn is a french electronic musician who is on the Ed Banger label whose song somehow became the summer-hit of 2007, at least in Sweden. On my travels there I saw the song spun two times, the first time by Ed Banger records founder, Busy P, which I happened to film. The energy was contagious and was something that I haven’t experienced since say Earth Crisis or Fugazi. The place completely exploded and everyone was purely excited for this song. What I felt I was witnessing was an epiphany of where electronic music and “techno” is right now and how these crazy distorted and overly compressed songs are sweeping the underground. It made me even question why I play guitar and bother lugging around gear in a van anymore and if this sort of excitement is hiding somewhere in DC or not! It was real and rather life-changing. And the crazy part of it was it was being simply played by a DJ on CD-Rs. People jumped the barriers around the stage and brought the party right there. Incredible. The song still stands on its own outside of the video in my opinion with its great detail and choice of sounds.

I filmed the moment [and produced] a version for iPod/iTunes download (much nicer quality).

My other obsession is the new Antelope album and the song “Wandering Ghost”… probably one of the best songs ever written in my opinion. I hope people start going as crazy for Antelope in DC one day.”