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So, it looks like Ron Isley, aka Mr. Biggs, is headed to jail for three years and one month for tax evasion. Because Isley has made a good-faith effort to pay down his $3 million-plus debt, has various health issues, and, as you can see by this pic of him in that red silk smoking jacket, is just far too pretty to languish in the penitentiary, he’s looking for a presidential pardon.

Def Jam, current label of the Isley Bros., has put up and entire page on their website detailing how fans of the man who brought us hits such as “In Between the Sheets” and “It’s Your Thing” can help make this pardon happen.

Why is this important to the readers of Black Plastic Bag? Because for those of us in D.C., MD, and VA, dialing up the White House is a local call! We can jam the phone lines over at 1600 Penn. Ave., NW without running up our phone bills! Maybe if enough area folks call in to help Ron out we can get a free show at the Carter Barron out of the deal or something.

Call the White House at (202) 456-1111—or fax them at (202) 456-2461—and voice your outrage! And while you’ve got the White House on the line and all, might as well tell ’em what you think about the war going on, y’know, if there’s time to work that in.

Save Ron Isley!