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At first I was pretty sure that Green Bay, Wisconsin’s Pink Reason was more backstory than substance. Everything I read about him seemed to arrive with a lengthy preamble about “shooting Drano in his parents crawlspace for five years,” or some similar cred-building drug-myth-horseshit. I guess if you smoke some meth and bang out some psychedelic gutter-jams there’s a whole culture of people who will go out and buy your record.

I mean, I bought it. Well, I bought the “Throw it Away” 7-inch, and I was sort of surprised to find that after all that talk it just sounded like Brian Jonestown Massacre played at half speed—which I guess it qualifies as psychedelic but not particularly engaging.

Maybe I’m being too hard on Pink Reason. The newer stuff seems scuzzier, more abrasive and more exciting.

However it is I or anybody else feels about Pink Reason, Brooklyn’s Blues Control will no doubt be worth seeing. No other group could ever hope to splice Harold Budd with Mountain‘s Nantucket Sleighride and come out alive.

Both bands perform this Thursday at 611 Florida Ave.