Baltimore duo Beach House—comprised of Alex Scally and Victoria LeGrande—has begun recording its follow up to their self-titled debut released last year on Carpark (as you may know, home to Dan Deacon, among others).

The new Beach House album is scheduled to come out in February, according to an e-mail exchange between Black Plastic Bag and Carpark.

This is great news. The band’s debut was one of the bright spots last year. It was just so instantly good. The songs drifted in with these sleepy, lulling melodies both ornate and intimate. The intimacy came from these little details that helped suck you in: hearing the tink-tink of sleigh bells in the background, the hum off an ancient organ, the burp off a shitty drum machine. LeGrande’s voice floated through each song, awkward at times, soaring at others, always perfectly desolate. Sure the band got compared a lot to Mazzy Star but to my ears at least they recalled Unrest‘s more melancholy moments.

Here’s the rest of what we know about the Beach House recording session:

From Carpark:

“beach house are recording with rob girardi (of celebration) at lord baltimore
. the band told me the album is taking a more colorful and dynamic approach.” Not enough info, we know.

Stay tuned to Black Plastic Bag for more info. Meanwhile, Beach House is playing tomorrow night in Baltimore at the Floristree space, 415 franklin st. 6th floor.