OK. I’m biased. Of course I prefer Aaron Leitko’s review of the new Travis Morrison album, All Y’All, to the one in Pitchfork. The former is in a publication that puts money in my bank account and the latter is in one that doesn’t. That said, a 4.5?!? Anyone with internet access can tell that there’s some kind of extra context needed to understand a number that low (not to mention the legendary 0.0 received by Morrison’s previous album, Travistan). After all, everything I’ve heard from the new album sounds nice, even if it’s not, like, GODHEAD or anything. But, come on, neither is Shellac’s Excellent Italian Whatever, an album that the All Y’All reviewer awarded a generous 7.0. And the one Hellfighters show I saw was, if not as exciting as a Dismemberment Plan show, high quality stuff. So, like, what gives? The Dismemberment Plan broke up. Get over it. You paid your entry fee; the band entertained you. Morrison doesn’t owe you anything. Give the guy a break.