Last week New Orleans funk band Galactic released a new album, From the Corner to the Block, that’s chock full of alt hip-hop stars like Mr. Lif, Gift of Gab, Boots Riley, and Ladybug Mecca, among others. For me, the real standout is Lyrics Born. You can listen to his contribution to the album here.

Jesus Christ. It makes me want to shake it. And I don’t shake it very well. At all. It also kinda pisses me off. The Bay Area rapper‘s last full album of original material was the brilliant Later That Day. That came out in 2003. Four fucking years ago. Instead, the rapper goes and releases a remix album and a live album. That’s filler!

Maybe Lyrics Born senses this. His website reports a February release date for a new studio album titled Everywhere at Once. There’s even video of the man hard at work. Enjoy.