Proudly styling themselves “America’s first deaf hip-hop group and arguably the world’s [first],” local rappers Helix Boyz play Wednesday night at Rock & Roll Hotel.

Members Prince Darius and Sho Roc are both alumni of Gallaudet University and perform what they accurately call “an energetic, friendly-fun style of hip-hop.” Only two of their songs are available for preview on their MySpace page (both are from their forthcoming CD Helix Boyz Presents…The H, and those two reveal funky party music with that most basic of rap lyrical content: bragging about how great they are.

It’s to only fair to admit that such a performance has a certain intrigue factor for hearing people (and perhaps for deaf people too): it’s tough not to wonder how the Helix Boyz will take rhythmic cues and respond to each others’ rhymes, or if American Sign Language will somehow be a part of the performance. And because the Boyz exult in their status as heroes in the deaf entertainment community, it also seems fair to consider their show a demonstration of how a deaf hip-hop group can work. You can find out tomorrow night at 8 PM (show starts at 9), at the Rock & Roll Hotel, 1353 H Street NE, 202-388-7625. Tickets are $10.