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Former CP critic Michael Little has decided to go after this blog. He writes on his own blog:

“We’ve been reading the Washington City Paper‘s music blog lately. It’s mediocre, and we’re not saying that because the City Paper unceremoniously fired our ass and because we could write a better and more entertaining blog with our asshole.”

Little goes on to write:

“Still, the blog’s posts are nothing but unpaid advertising for forthcoming shows, the too-be-expected but still odious tips of the old knit cap to Fugazi, and pats on CP’s own back for a job well done. That said, Joe Warminsky does step away from the Dischord Party Line long enough to say a kind word about Brother JT, which is something.

Still, it’s a nothing read.

Never a mad word from the paper that dares nothing.”

Little, readers may recall, wrote an infamous cover story slamming Fugazi as ruining just about everything in this town. Why? They didn’t rock like it’s ’77, man. In other words, the story was a pile of shit. (We know we’re deep in a game of insider baseball here, but read this for more on Little’s history with CP.)

Little’s own blog dares so much! Here are some sample words of wisdom (we will spare you his hilarious interview with Hitler):

“We fall in love with Led Zeppelin a little more every day.”

Jimmy Page is the only human we know who can make his guitar sneer.”

“Mom, please drink your marijuana tea. And while you’re drinking it, be sure to listen to side two of Wake of the Flood by the Grateful Dead. It will bang your gong, dude.”