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Pam Berry, former D.C. resident and queen of all things indie pop, gets a fetching tribute mix from Annapolis-based blogger Skatterbrain. In hindsight, we should have covered her more. (Maybe it was because she worked at CP.) You can read about Berry’s projects here and here.

Berry founded a zine called Chickfactor. I still remember discovering it while waiting around at Maxwell’s for Heavenly to come on. Ever since being handed that first copy, I was hooked. I consider it responsible for championing Magnetic Fields before just about everyone else. And they chronicled Women Who Rock without fuss or rockist cliches. Even after several moves, I still have copies of certain issues.

But Berry did more than document the indie-pop scene, she was also responsible for making some its best songs. So thank you Skatterbrain for reminding us of that fact. You should definitely check out his blog.

But if you just want his “Essential Pam Berry Compilation,” you can grab it here.