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Jason Cherkis just called from the scene at DJ Hut, where a blaze occured this morning.

The floor of the store, he tells us, is a mess of shattered glass, water, insulation, and the bamboo that lined the shop’s ceiling. Much of DJ Hut’s stock of LPs are melted or smoke damaged, including the whole of the classics and new singles sections. The turntables in the shop are also ruined.

“All of our store has been pretty much destroyed,” says co-owner Chris Stiles.

A few records appear still playable, including discs by Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth, Bob Marley and, EPMD; what’s salvagable is being carried out by staffers. The box set of Coldplay singles behind the counter “won’t be sold at $120,” says Stiles. It’ll be considered part of our their “fire sale,” he jokes.

Stiles doesn’t have much confidence in the condition of the store’s rarest and most expensive stock, which was kept in a separate room in the back of the shop—that’s where firefighters barreled through in their efforts to stop the blaze.

Still, Stiles is optimistic. He says the store and its stock is insured, and that DJ Hut may move to temporary digs soon, depending on what the damage assessment is. And, he points out, this isn’t the first fire at the shop: it suffered one about a year and a half ago. After that incident, Stiles says, the staff affirmed, “nothing can stop us. We still have that attitude.”

More on the fire here, from NBC4.