Moguls generally don’t maintain their status by being impulsive, so it’s no surprise that Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation has taken a few years to develop his rock project, Dust Galaxy, which will release its self-titled debut disc on Nov. 6. Despite Garza’s well-documented musical taste—and all his studio tinkering with a slew of guest stars in London—the album represents a bit of a risk: It’s possible that many Thievery fans and indie kids will greet it with a collective shoulder-shrug. Or maybe it’ll go pop; Dust Galaxy is certainly piling up the amigos. Check back with us in a few months. For now, Garza has released one single (the psych-flavored “Come Hear The Trumpets”) and is dropping another one (the funkier “Mother Of Illusion”) this week. ESL Music cleared us to share that track’s B-side, “River Of Ever Changing Forms,” which features Ashish Vyas of Gogogo Airheart on bass, Darrin Mooney of Primal Scream on drums and Adam Blake of Cornershop on sitar:

DOWNLOAD: Dust Galaxy, “River of Ever Changing Forms”