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These are bleak times we’re living in. War, environmental cataclysms, stuff like this.

So it’s good to know that dreams can still come true—as long as you’re willing to open up your deepest desires to public scrutiny via blog.

Local musician and City Paper contributor Justin Moyer has made no secret of his love for Philadelphia post-punk band S PRCSS.

“S PRCSS is the number one band probably I ever wish I’d been in, which is ironic, because they kept losing bass players, and I play bass, and we’re all from Philadelphia, but for whatever reason (pick one) they wouldn’t let me join,” wrote Moyer last October on an older incarnation of his Iceland blog.

He also wrote this: “And finally I’d say to Bob [Doto] and Daneil [Mazone], if you ever get back together (though I know this is unlikely) and need a bass player, get in touch.”

Lo and behold, S PRCSS heard Moyer’s pleas and have decided to reunite. Furthermore, they have graciously fulfilled one of Moyer’s long standing ambitions by asking him to play bass.

You can witness the result of this touching gesture tomorrow night, when Moyer performs with S PRCSS at 9 p.m. at the Hosiery at 9 p.m., 441 Eye St. NW.