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Yer MTV was actually pretty entertaining last night:

1. That indeed was Clipse standing behind Pharrell during the pregame show. Pusha T and Malice were nowhere to be found later, though. Sigh.
2. Mark Ronson should call his band the Neverending Formula.
3. Dave Grohl should curate a hardcore-and-metal version of All Tomorrow’s Parties.
4. Dr. Dre now has the physique of a superhero, skinny legs and all. Timbaland, on the other hand, is obviously taking workout tips from Aaron Neville.
5. Kanye West is probably still performing this morning, at top volume, in that room at the Palms, with a bunch of passed-out people littering the floor around him, still in their white slatted sunglasses.
6. I had no idea until last night that Pete Wentz is not the lead singer of Fall Out Boy. I am proud of this.
7. You could tell that Diddy was trying not to stare at Alicia Keys‘ butt. Her “Freedom” breakdown was nice, if a bit abrupt.
8. The rapper from Gym Class Heroes chugged a drink instead of giving an acceptance speech. Enjoy it, bro, because in a few years you’ll probably be working at Kinkos. Or hosting an MTV reality show. Same difference.
9. You know you are old when Justin Timberlake starts talking about getting old.
10. Is there a more boring R&B superstar than Rihanna? At least Chris Brown can do mad-crazy headstands. Wait, maybe Akon is more boring than Rihanna. Then again, maybe Amy Winehouse is more boring than all of them. And she didn’t even show up to prove it.

Bonus: It was genius to have Miss Teen South Carolina say the words “Wu Tang Clan.”