Joe Lally has been quietly working on a new album, and Dischord recently revealed some juicy details. The album will be called Nothing Underrated and boasts of some of D.C.’s finer musicians, including: Ben Azzara (The Capitol City Dusters, DCIC), Andy Gale (Haram), and Eddie Janney (Rites of Spring). Most awesomely, Lally jams with Fugazi bandmates Guy Picciotto and Ian MacKaye (who recorded the album).

His Fugazi songs were always standouts. But reading City Paper‘s 2006 feature on Lally last year, you couldn’t help but feel that the transition from integral band member to frontman had been difficult. His first solo album, released last year, was a surprisingly contemplative affair. It will be interesting to see what Lally comes up with after spending a year touring, jamming and growing into his role as chief songwriter and the guy everybody stares at.