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This morning, while pulling out a disc called Forest by Finnish quartet Circle, a post-everything rock band that is playing the Rock and Roll Hotel DC9 tomorrow night, I got to thinking: Why is it that bands keep printing “PLAY LOUD” (or some derivation) on their album sleeves? Perhaps it’s just the music I listen to, but I feel like I see this quite a bit.

Now, let’s assume that a band isn’t just following the herd and they think that their record sounds better loud than quiet or medium. Shouldn’t they just remix the thing? Having spent all that time and money making the record, wouldn’t they want it to sound good at any volume?

And, if they are just following the herd, why do bands still think that this is cool?

It seems to me that if you really wanted to distinguish yourself in this crowded, globalized music economy, you might boast something like “This music sounds AMAZING at any volume.”

BTW: Circle has a new album out now on Philadelphia’s No Quarter Records and it is called Katapult.