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Medications vet Andrew Becker has launched a new record label: What Delicate Recordings.

We wish Becker all the best. Especially since the label was founded in part to finally release one of the District’s lost classics, the never-released album from Eldridge Skell’s The Rude Staircase entitled Sookie Jump. [Full disclosure: CP employee Aaron Leitko plays bass on the record].

The press release says:

Sookie Jump is an elegant pile of songs reminiscent of the architectural innovations of Frank Lloyd Wright‘s Fallingwater and Paolo Soleri‘s massive utopian concrete village Arcosanti.

The Bag says:

Sookie Jump is an elegant pile of songs, if by elegant you mean fucked-up elegant. The songs are sure dressed up, but they explode with jittery ambition and drunken chaos. Black tie may look good at sunset. But when black tie is trying to catch a cab at 3 a.m., it’s far more interesting. The mood here tilts toward the boozy, messy end of nights. You hear old-timey carnival sounds being plundered, freakish chants, stabs at free jazz and air kisses to Bowie. You hear everything. Sometimes you hear everything all at once. Sometimes it’s beautiful. I have a feeling if you played this for blogger It Boy Zach Condon, he would weep, jump ship for some Eastern European hostel and quit the biz.

You can read the band’s own ridiculous explanation of their work here.

Or you can just listen to the album here.