We all make mistakes! Here’s a few upcoming shows with mistake-themed anecdotes.

Black Cat:
Tue. 11/6: Alasdair Roberts, Charalambides, Heather Lee Murray. $10
One time I went to see Charalambides play in Scott Verrastro‘s living room. I made the mistake of using the word “chicks” within earshot of band member Christina Carter and she really let me have it. I believe that she was in the right on this one: “chicks” is a word for men who wear madras shorts and listen to O.A.R. I do neither.

Rock and Roll Hotel:
Tue. 11/06: Psychic TV $18
Once, while touring Europe, my friend and I both read a copy of Simon ReynoldsRip it Up and Start Again: A History of Post-Punk. Much discussion was had about Throbbing Gristle’s Genesis P-Orridge and his pre-TG band COUM Transmissions. During their performances Orridge would do things like give himself blood-milk enemas and draw blood from his testicles. Although this behavior did place Orridge on a promising path toward musical infamy, I would still consider this behavior a mistake.

Thu. 11/08 (on sale 9/28): Juliette and the Licks $12/14
The last time this band played at Black Cat I was having drinks at the bar with a few friends. Somebody ran up to us and said something along the lines of, “Juliette Lewis is upstairs fronting this terrible band—you really have to see it.” We walked up and it really was sort of nightmarish. It was like watching a movie where Juliette Lewis plays rock star and there’s this adoring crowd and everybody loves her, but the band is terrible and she’s terrible and the movie is terrible, but you’re not just watching the movie you’re actually in it. Very meta. Or kind of like this movie. Anyways, going upstairs was a mistake.

Tue., 11/20 (on sale 9/28): Black Dice $10/$12
I don’t think this band makes mistakes. I thought they had made a mistake when they threw out their drummer, but then they made two really great drummerless records. Then their drummer made a great record by himself. So many great records!