In today’s issue of New York Times, Melena Ryzik tries to figure out how much Radiohead fans are willing to pay for the band’s new album, In Rainbows, which is being released online next week for whatever price you want to pay for it.

More than a few sound as if they’re going the cheap route.

On Tuesday Adam Baruchowitz, 34, a magazine business director, was browsing at Other Music, the downtown Manhattan record store. He said he would pay only $5, partly because he believed that Radiohead already had plenty of money.

Note that this guy is an adult and a professional—and presumably paid according to some other reasoning than how much affluence he’s accumulated thus far—not some 19-year-old who’s scrimping to buy much of anything.

I’m wondering if this idea, which is about as revolutionary as tithing, might be better for publicity than remuneration.