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Maybe I’m setting up a double-standard, but I don’t care: When indie rockers go ethnic and Mediterranean (that means you, Beirut), my gut reaction tends to be skepticism. (I guess I’m slightly more tolerant of Gogol Bordello, because Eugene Hutz is actually, y’know, from another country.) So why am I willing to give hip-hop producer Oh No a total pass for testing out the bouzouki tip? Maybe it’s because Dr. No’s Oxperiment, his “audio tour of Turkish, Lebanese, Greek & Italian psyche funk,” doesn’t purport to be a broad statement about cross-cultural unity (or emotional authenticity, for that matter). He’s merely sticking to a theme and indulging an urge, while managing that urge very closely. The results are unencumbered by over-arching identity issues, and yet the disc still seems to respect its source material deeply. Hip-hop can be good like that.