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Though some have studied the finer points of the Washington Times, I mainly know itas the paper that’s home to every bad comic strip in creation. (Fred Basset, Crock, and Funky Winkerbean—who still reads these? I imagine the Times is paying about a nickel to the syndicate.) The paper is also home to a culture blog, and every few weeks or so, when someone figures it might be worth updating, my feedreader reminds me that it exists. Apparently there’s been some squabbling on New York Avenue last week over the Eagles, who have a new album or something, prompting this defiant statement from washingtontimes.com managing editor David Eldridge:

I say you can just get out of the car if you don’t want to hear “Take It to the Limit,” turned up to 11.

I’m not especially interested in having a conversation about the Washington Times—or, Christ, the Eagles. But it does open the door to a discussion about music-in-the-car fights. Leave your stories in the comments.