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Patton Oswalt offered the only substantive bit of political comedy last night at the Black Cat: It’s pointless to riff on George W. Bush and his remaining die-hard supporters, he said, because they have no more credibility than Creed fans. The crowd at the sold-out venue did not seem interested, thank the Lord, in consuming much more Washington humor than that.

Now that I think about it, this version of the Comedians of Comedy show also was rather thin on music bits, too. I mean, yeah, Brian Posehn (pictured) talks about metal-as-concept a lot, and he did do an extended routine about the phrase “party like a rock star.” (Those who still use it without irony, he said, should have to denote which rock star they mean, e.g. Marilyn Manson drinking absinthe and tucking his pee-pee between his legs, or Eddie Van Halen removing his teeth, chugging booze, and reacting in horror to his own Gollum-like image in the mirror.) Posehn also deemed that it’s OK for one heterosexual male to blow another heterosexual male, as long as the blower says SLAYER! during the act.

Side note: Speaking of Creed … the Stapp-free aftermath band, Alter Bridge, is surprisingly better-than-shitty. (All things being relative, of course.)