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Making fun of Celine Dion lyrics is like shooting fish in a barrel, but, hey, BPB takes its chuckles where it can find them. In the New York Times review of Dion’s new album, Taking Chances, Kelefa Sanneh highlights the absurdity of this line from the album’s title and opening track: “Don’t want to be alone tonight, on this planet they call Earth.”

Sanneh writes: “By the way, that last prepositional phrase, portentous and meaningless, can be tacked onto just about any lyric in need of extra oomph: “Sweet home, Alabama, on this planet they call Earth”; “You lived your life like a candle in the wind, on this planet they call Earth”; “We be big pimpin’, on this planet they call Earth.””

Props to the NYT for publishing an aside that is just a few words shorter than the record reviews in Spin…which, of course, is printed on this planet they call Earth.