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Maybe y’all know The Apes: The drums are vaguely Bonzo-ish; the keyboards are of the “agitated pipe organ” variety; and the bass is all baritone-y, in the same way that GVSB and the Jesus Lizard did it (except GVSB needed two bassists to get there, and the Jesus Lizard was more about “spectacle” than “bass,” anyway).

But back to The Apes: The D.C. band has signed to a D.C. label (Gypsy Eyes), it has a new singer (Breck Brunson), and it’s due to release its fourth album, Ghost Games, on Feb. 19. For now, we got a mad-funky MP3 and a snowy-happy video:

Download:Beat of the Double” (mp3)

Watch: “Dr. Watcher”