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Every year—or nearly every year—fucking Hoboken gets to celebrate Hanukkah in a very cool way. They get Yo La Tengo at Maxwell’s for eight straight nights. These shows have turned into huge deals—for the charities, the eBay profiteers, and of course the Jersey nerds.

This past weekend, I went up for the Saturday show. The band was super fun. Ira Kaplan stayed away from ending every song in a wank meltdown. He even laid off the guitar face a bit. And Georgia Hubley‘s voice just keeps getting better. The special guest that night was Alex Chilton. Man, he looks old. But so fucking what? He was amazing, even if he did have to read off the lyric sheet.

For the last few days, I couldn’t help but wonder why the District doesn’t start up its own holiday traditions. The end of the summer used to be marked by Fugazi at Fort Reno. But why don’t bands take the next step and rock three, eight, whatever nights—with special guests! nods to charity!, etc. Who wouldn’t want to see Chuck Brown sharing a stage with Thievery Corporation?

What acts would you want to see paired together? And what bands could get a decent crowd for three straight nights?