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If you read BoingBoing regularly or have friends with outré tastes, then you surely know of “2 Girls 1 Cup,” which might be the most Not-Safe-For-Work thing in all the history of NSFW nasty yucky wrongness. Now, I promise am not lying when I say that I have never watched it. (And I’ve never actually looked at the original Goatse picture, either. This is true.) Perhaps I am timid. I prefer to think, however, that my imagination is more powerful than doo-doo reality. Call me the Doo-Doo Starchild.

But enough of that. Here’s what I want: I want Bang Camaro to record a song that has the following chorus:

2 girls 1 cup
It’s kinda fucked up
What they do to that cup!
2 girls 1 cup
It’s fucked up, yeah