Boris at the Black Cat. I’m pretty sure they played at the Black Cat, but the whole night was a little fuzzy, you know? I’m positive it was in 2007, though. I think.

But yeah: Boris was, reportedly, awesome. I’ve been told that they fucking rocked. I don’t remember too much about the band’s actual set, but I do remember being excited about the show earlier in the day—and then, much later (while actually at the show), peering over at the stage from my perch at the bar and realizing that the extremely loud and colorful blur everyone was cheering for was more than likely the band I had paid money to see perform.

I asked the bleary-eyed bartender if the band performing was, in fact, Boris—then realized I was talking to my own blurry reflection in the mirror. Thinking I was clever, I asked my reflection for a drink on the house. Unfortunately, my reflection—which I later realized was actually the bartender all along—did not appreciate my drunken demeanor and asked me to settle my tab, which I did after fumbling around through my wallet for a couple of minutes.

So yeah, Boris was pretty great. At least, I think that was Boris.