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Jack Carneal of Yaala Yaala Records just posted an update on his MySpace blog. Looks like the label is set to release some new music in April. Here’s the item in full:

Returned not long ago from Mali with my friend Paul Oldham. We had a wonderful time during our painfully short stay, a time compromised to some extent by the preponderence of wifi access and our having a teeny little old Mac notebook which to tote around, incessantly distracted by the temptation of the internets.

It was also an intense visit for your truly. I hadn’t been back since we left in 2000. Bamako hadn’t changed much as far as I could tell. Stepped out of the plane into that soft Malian night, smelled the smell of a million campfires burning, at least a few of them containing tires, and immediately beset upon by people trying only to help, in their way…

End result though is very exciting. Yaala Yaala was able to speak face to face with the incredible Malian artist Yoro Sidibe, a donsongoni player. If you’ve heard this ancient type of hunter’s music before then you know how intense and interesting it can be. IF you’ve never heard it you’re in for treat, an especially exciting one inasmuch as Yoro is the KING of ths type of music, almost literally. He’s 70 now and is the chief of the Malian Federation of Hunter Musicians.

Yeah, we’re going 100 percent legaux, whatever the hell that means. I have an opinion on the constant patting-themselves-on-the-back vibe of the Malian record industry (anti piracy, 100 percent legaux) meanwhile midlevel producers and “managers” still seem to me to be the worst pirates…More on that later.

We’re angling for an April release. This’ll be a hot one, folks, so get ready…