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I wrote a book about Christian rock (now available for a “bargain price”!), and while doing so met lots of people, talented and otherwise, who were convinced that the “general market” was hopelessly polluted with sex and drugs. In short, the realm of Satan. I tried to tell people that many members of the music scene where I grew up prided themselves on not drinking or doing drugs, and that with a few notable exceptions, they made excellent music. Generally, this was a conversational gambit that failed.

So I’m glad, for my Christian friends’ sake, that there’s finally a group that squares the circle, bringing hardcore fully back under Lucifer’s thumb. Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for Satanic Threat? Are you ready for “Guilty of Hating Christ”? Are you ready for “Small God Big Cross”?

(Hat tip: Mike “My Sweet Satan” Kanin)