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What is it with Vampire Weekend, who’ve already sold out their second-ever D.C. show next week at the Rock & Roll Hotel? They seem to have avoided the introductory stage of “low-level buzz.” One day nobody’d ever heard of them; the next they’re everywhere, on the strength of a couple of self-produced singles that you had to buy off their MySpace page. Vampire Weekend’s debut album came out this week, and its reviews managed to steal top billing on Pitchfork, Popmatters, and WaPo. What gives?

Well, according to world-renowned expert Wikipedia, “They came to public attention via a variety of music blogs, first on New York’s EAR FARM and then four months later on Stereogum, leading many to cite them as another example of the ‘blog band’ phenomenon.”

I’m sure this is another indication of the Internet’s transformation of the music industry – so call me crazy, or a reactionary old coot, but I don’t like it one bit. It worries me when a band can become the Indie Sensation of the Minute when they’ve barely registered their own existence. Even The Arcade Fire—the last band to reach this level of hype—had to put their LP out first, for God’s sake. So let’s pretend I haven’t just stoked VW’s blog-fueled fire, shall we?