Tomorrow night former Black Eyes members Jacob Long and Daniel Martin McCormick will return to D.C. along with drummer Damon Palermo as Mi Ami, kicking off a tour in celebration of their recently released African Rhythms 12-inch on White Denim.

For those who scratched their heads back in ’04 when McCormick and Long back teamed up as the sorta-triflin’ improvisation duo White Flight—well, this might be more to your taste. Mi Ami mash minimal-techno and dub into a trance-inducing pulp that almost demands a pair of sequined jeans and rave beads. And yeah, it kind of sounds like Black Eyes. But is that a bad thing?

Food For Animals (whose excellent debut LP Belly is out now on Hoss Records) and D.C.’s own Wealth (ex-members Navies) will also be performing.

Here’s the info:
February, 13 2008 @ La Casa
3166 Mt. Pleasant St. NW, Washington, DC

If you miss that you have a second chance to catch Mi Ami and Food For Animals when they perform at Baltimore’s Floristree space the following evening.