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It’s been more than 10 years since the release of Soul Discharge, and the Boredoms are still the most bizarre band ever to have graced the roster of a major label. They are the official band of everybody-under-35’s experimental phase. I personally look back fondly upon days spent cruising down Salt Lake City’s Sate Street with my best friends, blasting Super Roots 6 as we sped downtown for a romp around the acrylic-countertop-and-pet-casket dealership or to gawk at the Summum pyramid (who, come to think of it, had their own unique take on pet bereavement). What larks!

All that aside, the Boredoms have since gravitated toward a less alienating sound. Records like the classic Vision Creation New Sun found them heading into lush drones and tribal drumming. The forthcoming Super Roots 9 features group leader Eye conducting a 20-person choir in addition to the bands current multi-drummer line-up through 40-minutes of trance-bliss. And now they’re coming here. Last week 9:30 made the official announcement that Boredoms would appear in D.C. on April 3rd. Every noise-burnout, record nerd, tight-pants hipster, and neo-raver will be there. You should come too.

Here’s some stuff to get you pumped: