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1. Guitarist Nels Cline looks like he’s here to fix your printer, except when he’s rocking out to the point of his glass slide flying into some superfan’s skull. Superfan: excited to be struck by Nels Cline’s slide, reluctantly dislodges it and gives it back to band.

2. Horn section on tour with the band, “Total Pros”—Tweedy calls them “Totem Poles”—appears ready to do your taxes after Nels fixes your printer. They do not appear to love Wilco songs. Possibly, they are Neil Diamond fans.

3. The macrame owl mascot has lasted longer than some members of the band.

4. Tweedy still hates when anyone except him talks.

5. Tweedy, when not cracking the ruler on the talking, actually smiles, appears to like his job, looks much healthier than he ever has. He did not tell any stories about being tweaked and actually pooping his pants onstage, as he did at solo show in Grantham, Pa., in ’05. Pooping, according to Tweedy, occurred in Grantham, ’02.

6. Setlist: writerly, a tinge nostalgic, extra dash of fresh (i.e. few repeats from previous D.C. setlists). Highlights, in order of personal preference: “Casino Queen,” “Sunken Treasure,” “Via Chicago,” “Monday,” “California Stars,” “Pieholden Suite,” “Box Full of Letters,” “Hate It Here.”

7. Lowlights: Noise. Feedback blasts. Guitar masturbation. Sorry, Tweedy heads and rock critics. That shit sucks.

*Please note: I am not a Tweedy head or a rock critic. I have seen Wilco or Tweedy six times in six years, which makes me no sort of expert, just a fan, a curious onlooker, a keeper of anecdotes. I do not buy vinyl. My taste in music will not hold up to scrutiny of many on this blog. I acknowledge this and file anyway. Do what you will.