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For your pleasure, a new Notwist MP3 direct from the publicist. Here’s a bit of the p.r.:

St. Nicholas has come early this year. Or is he just very late? It’s best not to dwell too long on questions such as these when it pertains to The Notwist and just be thankful when these moments come to pass. And what, pray tell, are you to be thankful for exactly? The Devil, You + Me, the brand new eleven-track album from the enigmatic German trio.

The Notwist recorded portions of the album with the ANDROMEDA MEGA EXPRESS ORCHESTRA, a way out, 20+ headed classical orchestra that specializes in exciting and sometimes bizarre avant classic interpretations of modern jazz, which compliments perfectly the album’s themes of love, loss, alienation, planetary alignment, the positive side to deception, death, refusal and the titular Devil.

The MP3 is actually better than all the six-years-in-the-making hype, recalling prime Hood and all sorts of desolate, sad, earnest things. Totally worth the download. I forgot how much I missed these kinds of songs.